Friday, March 24, 2023

Hipsey calls for heads to roll

Former Tory leader Terry Hipsey has challenged current leader Garry Hague to ask for the resignation of the three councillors embroiled in the winegate accusations.

He also questions why two young tory councillors went on the official trip when the deputy mayors consort did not go.

Cllr Hipsey is no stranger to controversy himself when he infamously crossed the council floor to join the opposition


  1. This person is truely amazing , BAND WAGON HIPSEY is the most multi faced person.He has the front to request other councillors resignations, when surely he has commited the ultimate crime with those that voted for him as a conservative, when he walked the floor. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH and dont throw stones as you obviously live in a glass house. Sorry for the rant and just for the record I think that what the 3 conservatives have done is very wrong and they should consider themselves very lucky if the residents re-call them for more public duty, but please yourthurrock do NOT give so much time to Mr Hipsey who should have already asked his constituents for their backing by a by-election some time ago.

  2. They really do not have any shame do they,pontificating about heads rolling,what about going to the electorate and asking for a mandate following the change of political hue.

    Get your own house in order first Mr Hipsey

  3. Dear chicken shit,
    Did councilor T. Hipsey Steal?
    Did councilor T. Hipsey abuse the mayor driver?
    Did councilor T. Hipsey threaten to have the pubs landlord’s license removed?
    (The three councilors were just out having a good night at the tax payer’s expense) And if you think that’s alright you are out of your mind. I believe it is malfeasance and should be treated as such. This is a very serious matter and a clear message should be sent to all three Individuals they should resign immediately and I believe Garry Hague should be included for trying to suppress this matter.

  4. Hi Albert you are exactly why I ceased commenting on this web-site, even though I thought I made it qutie clear that I did not condone the antics of the Councillors, (although it does now appear that it was 2 and not 3) you still want to make it personal, its as if you were related to Mr Hipsey or a pet of his however you seem to want blood for this, but nobody died so lets keep things in perspective, they were indeed stupid and should be repremanded , but by their group members and not Councillor T Hipsey. Just some food for thought ” how true are the rumors that 2 labour Councillors verbally and physically attacked a old man at a recent meeting”?

  5. Mr Chicken Feed,
    Perhaps you could tell me what the punishment would be for these three individuals who have stolen, verbally abused a women driver in the course of her work and threaten a landlady to remove her licence at a public house. Let me tell you what would happen if the Tories members dealt with this matter NOTHING and that is why I believe the police should be involve in this matter after all it is theft and a threat of removing a lawful licence and let’s not forget abusing a women. But Mr Chicken please tell me what you think is the proper punishment is for these three YOBOS. I know nobody died but what would happen if you don’t stamp out this outrageous behaviour and send a clear message that this will not be tolerated and therefore that’s why I say they should go. As for Mr Hipsey the reason I jumped on his band wagon was because as usual GARRY HAGUE who I believe as got all the future of a SNOW MAN and as not come out from underneath his rock for about 6 months was not going to do anything about the matter. If HAGUE was going to do anything about this matter he should of beat Mr Hipsey to the post but as usual nothing. I hope this answers your question Mr Chick.

  6. MR Chick i happen to know some people who were in the pub at the time.If you would like a statement off them i would be glad to pass it on to your Thurrock and the council let me know

  7. Your people were in the car also ? I am more interested in your unhealthy lust for Mr Hague,s blood? Didnt Mr Hipsey teach Mr Hague all he knows? And quite frankly I cannot believe that someone with as much hatred as you obviously have with all things conservative would NOT have passed on any evidence that you REALLY had. What about my “food for thought ” question earlier, any suggestions?

  8. MR Chick you have given me a good idea i think i will get a statement off the people in the pub. Also i will get one off the driver and the land lady and then every think will be open and in the public .i am sure if it was just high spirits this matter can be swiftly cleared up and seen to be transparent

  9. Dear chick as for my hatred of hauge I don’t like or dislike him it’s just his attitude. He sees some think that’s wrong as in this case and decides to do nothing about it. That is why I put my snowman comment which I don’t think was to far wrong. And if hauge doesn’t do any think about it members of the public have to


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