Monday, May 20, 2024

Council website details waste and recycle guidance

A new page on Thurrock Council’s website advises residents what can go in each of their three waste and recycling wheelie bins.

Everything from aerosols to yoghurt pots and biscuit wrappers to sponges is there.

In all there are over 300 different items on the list, just scroll down and see. It can be accessed via

The advice ranges from which bin to use to using a re-use organisation, the Linford civic amenity site and even superstores — they often have recycle bins for used household batteries.

Portfolio holder for Environment, Cllr Val Morris-Cook, said: “This is a great new service. I try to remember exactly what goes where, but sometimes I’m stumped.

“Thurrock is doing brilliantly at recycling, more than half the waste we produce is now not dumped in the ground or burned.

“This A to Z of waste and recyclable materials should help add to that too.”

If you didn’t know … aerosols and yoghurt pots go in the blue bins, biscuit wrappers in the grey or green ones and the preferred option for sponges is a re-use organisation, but otherwise, the grey/green bin.


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