Friday, May 24, 2024

Motorists urged to kill their speed in Grays

OVER a hundred residents from Sherfield Road in Grays have signed a petition requesting “Kill your speed” signs along the road.

Sherfield Road leads out of Grays over the bridge, down to Grays beach. Sherfield Road runs perpendicular to New Road, the home of Thurrock Council’s civic offices.

Presenting the residents petition at full council, ward councillor Martin Healy said: “Motorists travelling southbound along Sherfield towards Grays Beach are approaching the pedestrian crossing too quickly.

There are a lot of elderly residents living on Seabrooke Rise who use the pedestrian crossing and they are frightened. Some unfortunate motorists will leave it too late to stop and we fear that there will be a fatality.

Seabrooke Rise residents request that the councils highways department give this issue their urgent attention. Let’s get some “Kill your speed” signs up”.


  1. i couldn’t agree more with the petition and it’s lucky that there hasn’t been a more seriouse incedent happen there (thankfully) and i hope that action is finally taken whether it’s one of them smilley boards that slows people down or some other way like mobile speed units that used to go around showing the motorist what speed they were going and warnings being sent to them after their reg numbers were taken(no fines or points just warning letters ) and hopefully they will get the message .


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