Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Masts on Chafford rear their head again

YOURTHURROCK understands that O2 have approached the Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT) to discuss the siting of a mobile phone mast on their property in Chafford Hundred.

The No Masts on Chafford group have met with EWT and held a number of residents’ meetings to discuss possible future applications.

A spokesperson for No Masts said: “I can confirm that a meeting of the Resident Focus Group took place where we discussed O2’s approach to Essex Wildlife Trust and that while we feel the best solution would be no mobile phone mast, we agree that in order to meet O2’s coverage if a mast is absolutely necessary then it should be situated as far from all residential homes as possible – even where this poses a cost issue to O2.

“If O2 can establish that there is an absolute need for a mobile phone mast in the central area of Chafford Hundred then we believe that Location 1 would be the best solution, provided that the mobile phone mast was sited equidistant from all of the residential homes – marked “X” on the peninsular of land between Warren Lane, Lancaster Road, Devonshire Road and Palmerston Rd, as show on the attached map.

“We are disappointed that O2 have not consulted with our resident focus group on their approach to yourselves – and that this is the third time consultation by O2 has failed to take place.

“We trust that in view of our recent meetings, O2 will now engage with residents to find a mutually agreeable solution and we welcome their approach to set up an appropriate meeting to take this forward”.


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