Fishing expedition nets youth in court

A STANFORD teen found that trying to burgle houses using a fishing rod landed him a day in court.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was among a gang of three that broke into two houses in West Horndon on the 25th October last year.

The court heard that the youth acted as lookout while an adult put a fishing rod through the letter box and attempted to “fish for keys”.

The three had no success at that address but did land a catch down the road, where they broke in and stole £4,400 worth of jewellery.

Chair of magistrates, Paul Brandis heard that the youth had had troubles at home, had moved out to live with his grand-father (who accompanied him to court) and was about to move schools.

The youth was given a nine month referral order.

The whereabouts of the £4,400 worth of jewellery was not mentioned in court.

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