Darnley Road murder trial: “No violent struggle”

DESPITE having his throat slit and being stabbed twenty-two times, there was no sign of a “violent struggle” at the murder scene in Darnley Road, Grays, a court heard today.

The evidence further suggested that the deceased may have been asleep or incapacitated at the time of the attack which could have occurred by “someone approaching him from behind”.

Priscilla Scamp, 18, Centurion Way, Purfleet is accused of murdering Daniel “Dave” Thomas in his flat at 38a Darnley Road, Grays at or near April 13th last year.

On the seventh day of the trial, the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court heard that forensic examination detailed that there were no blood splatter patterns or blood scattered across the flat. The flat did not appear to be ransacked.

The evidence came on the seventh day of the trial where Detective Sergeant Liz Morgan continued to read from her interview statements from Scamp. Prosecuting counsel read out Scamp’s replies.

DS Morgan continued to put it to Scamp that she was at the scene of the murder in the early hours of Tuesday April 19th.

DS Morgan told Scamp that her mobile phone was used ay 0145 hours and that it received a signal from the nearest mast which was 200 metres away on the top of the Thameside Theatre in Orsett Road, Grays. Scamp denies this.

DS Morgan also asked Scamp only began to write letters to a variety of people on the 18th May. Over a month after she had seen Daniel Thomas dead in the flat.

DS Morgan said: “The 18th May is a significant day Priscilla because that is when the newspapers first published details that a body was found in 38a Darnley Road.

Scamp replied: “I didn’t write until then because I didn’t have any paper.

Scamp denies the charges.

The case continues.

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