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Corringham dog reunited after eighteen months away

A LOST Corringham dog has been found 115 miles away in Oxford after going missing for 18 months.

The toy poodle vanished without trace from a garden in Heybridge, Essex, in July 2009 while Corringham owners, Chris and Julia Moran were on holiday.

For eighteen months they searched high and low with posters all over the Essex area.

The 2ft-long dog was found yelping, lost and alone in the Abingdon Road are Oxford by a concerned member of the public last week.

An Oxford City Council dog warden discovered the dog was microchipped. He traced the owners back to Corringham, Essex, and broke the news on Mrs Moran’s 47th birthday.

Mrs Moran, a pre-school teacher, told a reporter: “It is the best birthday present I could ever have.

“When we heard the news, we thought we were in a dream, because when we lost him it was like being in limbo.”

Archie’s missing 18 months remain a mystery.

He was dirty but not malnourished or injured when he was found, suggesting he had been looked after.

Mr Moran said: “We don’t know how he ended up here. Maybe he came up to Oxford to study for a degree.”


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