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Ofsted act to cancel Nursery’s registration

A CHILDRENS’ NURSERY based inside a Grays church could see its licence taken away after  government watchdog Ofsted uncovered a host of offences.

On 12 June 2009, Ofsted received information that raised concerns about Abtim childcare services based with the Spring of Life chapel in Bridge Road, Grays.

At that time, they suspended the provider’s registration to allow time for an investigation to be completed.

Ofsted then lifted the suspension as they did do not believe there was a risk of harm to children however Ofsted understood the provider to have made a false or misleading statement and cautioned the provider for committing this offence.

Ofsted carried out an announced visit to the premises and found the provider did not ensure adults looking after children, or having unsupervised access to them are suitable to do so.

They issued a notice to improve that asks the provider to: implement effective systems to ensure that any person caring for or in regular contact with children is suitable to do so.

On 3 November 2010 Ofsted interviewed the provider and requested the registration be resigned as the status of the organisation changed and it ceased to trade.

Ofsted informed the provider in writing of the requirement to re-sign this registration. No response to the request was received.

Ofsted received further complaints from two outside agencies that indicated Ofsted cannot be reassured of the provider’s integrity or good character or that information provided is accurate.

They were informed Ofsted had not been provided with accurate information regarding directors of Abtim Childcare Services, the provider’s qualifications, the suitability of drivers to transport children and a failure to provide credible documentation.

At the next unannounced inspection, they found the provider  failed to admit to pleading guilty to three offences, did not provide truthful information regarding their role as a director or their level of qualification, used literature that is a direct copy from another provider, returned a form with an invalid signature and failed to manage the safe recruitment of suitable individuals. A driver stated when interviewed under caution that he was allowed to transport children on a provisional licence.

Ofsted was provided with false and misleading information which puts children’s welfare at risk. The provider has failed to demonstrate she has a clear understanding of her responsibilities as a registered provider and in failing to do this we cannot be reassured that children are safeguarded.

Following the investigation, Ofsted are taking steps to cancel the provider’s registration.

The Abtim Childcare services phone has been set to answer for the past two days.


  1. This is unbelieveable!

    – The provider failed to admit to pleading guilty to three offences
    – They lied regarding their level of qualification
    – They stole and used literature that is a direct copy from another provider
    – People in direct contact with the children don’t have CRB checks
    – Ofsted are aware that they are putting children’s welfare at risk.

    After all this, Ofsted are still taking steps to cancel the provider’s registration. My God what a slow step!
    What are they waiting for?
    God forbid, something horrible happens to one of the children.

    Who is to blame then?


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