Saturday, September 30, 2023

MP slams sacking of Tilbury school governor

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has joined the howls of protest at the sacking by Thurrock Council bosses of the chair of governors at Tilbury Manor Junior School.

Last week, YT revealed that the veteran governor, with twenty five years experience had been sacked after, according to Mr Gilby, he distributed a questionnaire to parents regarding the proposed amalgamation between the infants and juniors.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “Terry Gilby has been treated very poorly. Clearly a merger of two schools requires sensitive handling and it is the responsibility of the LEA to manage the process effectively in partnership with the school’s management and the governing body. This clearly hasn’t happened here.

“I hope lessons can be learned from this. It surely cannot be right that a well intentioned, public-spirited individual can be dismissed after twenty five years voluntary service. Dismissal should be reserved for very serious misconduct.”


  1. I have to disagree with JDP on this one. The school was crying out for somebody to come in and shake it up and take some to desisive action to improve the standards of the school. For all the years the Conservatives were in control in Thurock they turned a blind eye to the detrioration of Tilbury children, these standards would not have been accepted in Cllr McPhersons or Gary Hagues Chafford constituency would they?

    For too long the children have been let down and if anybody doubts what i say then just look at the educational league tables and Tilbury Manor is at the bottom of the pile for the whole of Thurrock. These children are entitled to the same education as every other child in Thurrock and this is was not happening under the chairmanship of Mr Gilby.

    The children leave Manor junior school and then have to play catch up once they start at the Gateway,providing they get a place but thats another story.

    I am sure that Mr Gilby had his heart in the right place and he is still a governor at St Mary’s in Tilbury. But a shake up was needed for the good of the children and i for one thank Thurrock Council for making a stand for Tilbury children.


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