Colleges looking at ways of working together

SEEVIC and South Essex Colleges of Further Education are working together to explore ways of collaborating that will protect and enhance Further Education (FE) and the learning experience of students across South Essex.

A spokesperson for South Essex College said: “Both colleges are keen to avoid unnecessary duplication and competition. Independent consultants have been engaged to assist and all options will be considered”.

The reasons given for considering a strategic collaboration are:

A more co-ordinated, strategic focus to better meet the needs of learners, employers and the communities of south Essex.

To facilitate the development of the new town centre Campus build in Basildon.

To achieve greater economies of scale through potential savings, for example, shared costs and services at a time of significant public sector funding cuts and provide better value for money.

More coherence in the “learning offer” and to avoid any unhelpful competition and wasteful duplication of services and facilities.

To share best practice and pool resources to leverage further improvements in quality and success rates and ensure the Colleges become outstanding providers. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of both Colleges and thereby protect local FE provision.

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