Hole lot of filling going on

Thurrock Council staff have been busy potholing over the past few months!

The freezing winter weather wreaked havoc on Thurrock’s roads — just as it did across the nation — with potholes appearing everywhere.

But once the freeze eased off the council was able to concentrate on filling them in.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, portfolio holder for environment said: “We’ve averaged filling in 50 potholes a day for the past nine weeks — that’s over 2,000 so far! We’ve not just waited for people to complain and tell us about the holes appearing, we’ve been out actively seeking them.

“Our vehicles travel Thurrock’s streets daily and staff let us know where we need to go and do some work.

“If you’re driving outside the borough you soon know it because you’re constantly bouncing up and down in the car. Here at home things are a lot better.”

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