Thursday, May 30, 2024

Farewell to Grays Magistrates Court

WE ARE not sure if it is a fond farewell or not but the doors to Grays magistrates court closed for the last time yesterday.

For many instead of regeneration coming to Grays town centre it is another facility closing down just like the Marks and Spencers, McDonalds and indeed Grays Athletic Football Club.

Portfolio holder for public protection, Gerard Rice certainly has his concerns.

He said: “This is an expanding area with a population planned to increase to 200,000. Taking away the magistrates court seems foolhardy.

“There is a real chance that people will struggle to get to Southend or Chelmsford and we may see more bail cases which means more costs.”


  1. Another nail in Grays Town “Coffin”. 40 years decline as a Community and leading administrative Hub. Surely there must be plans now to sell off the Council Offices / Beehive & send all services abroad to call centres and build 10,000 one bedroom studio flats or a Nuclear Reactor – Come on Councillors time for another Vision………!

  2. With it’s ideal location and classic looks it wuold be good to think it could be turned into a small hotel with resteraunt and bar,the reality i expect will be to buuldoze and build 500 flats.It’s all about “regeneration” don’t you know!

  3. Flats i guess. Whatever happened to the days of Congress House/Co-op with the cafe on the top floor. Woolworths, Marks and Spencers, Electricity show rooms, dolcis and freeman hardy and willis shoe shop. Progress i suppose but i would have them all back tomorrow.

    Shame about the court though.

  4. Shame about the loss of jobs as well Sting. Shame about all the changes to Grays, now its just anouther East London town full of immigrants and their culture.

  5. Excellent idea Mr P. 1000 Lories should just about do Grays and while we at it let’s demolish Tilbury and add 3000 lorries extra on top of Marshes. Oh Well. Such Dreams I had in 1998 when Unitary Thurrock was only a “Baby” now look what it has grown into a complete CHAV! Luv my town pray for some better minds on Council.

  6. Unfortunately this issue slipped through rather too quietly for my liking there should have been a campaign to keep the court open but we didn’t hear a peep out of anyone.
    Yes over the years Grays has lost so much and yet has gained more flats and pound shops and unfortunately with lakeside right on it’s doorstep and no free parking Grays can’t compete .


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