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Woman gives harrowing account of knife attack

A DISABLED WOMAN from South Ockendon described to a jury the harrowing scenes as she was stabbed nine times in her own home and left to die.

Christopher Rowe, 23, Dart Green, South Ockendon and a 16-year-old youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are both accused of the attempted murder of Miss Stephenson at her flat in September last year.

Giving evidence via video link, Amanda Stephenson, 27, Celandine Close, South Ockendon told the jury that she let the two males into her flat at 11pm.

She said: “The youth immediately hurled racist abuse at me and then said that they wanted me dead.”

“After I slapped him he put his arm around my neck and then I felt a sharp pain in my back.”

She added: “I fell over feet and landed on floor but he just kept kicking me”

Prosecuting counsel Andrew Jackson asked Miss Stephenson if she saw a knife.

She replied: ““Yes, I saw a bent knife in his hand, the blade was 5cm or 6cm long, and he was trying to straighten it out.

Miss Stephenson told the jury that she took this opportunity to plead with the youth.

She said: “I started to beg him to stop but he didn’t. He kept kicking me.”

Miss Stephenson was asked to describe the movements of Christopher Rowe.

She said: “He was by the window. He came over to my left side but just stood there. I saw what looked like the handle of a knife in his coat pocket”

Miss Stephenson tried to dial 999 on her mobile phone but told the jury that “It was kicked out of my hand”

Lying in a pool of blood, Miss Stephenson told the jury that the two males then left but before they did so, the youth told her that: “We did what we came to do”.

On cross examination, Miss Stephenson described her relationship with the youth.

She confirmed that she had previously dated him but had they had split up earlier in the year. When asked if she loved him. She said: “I liked him but wouldn’t say I loved him”.

Miss Stephenson denied being in a sexual relationship with him in March and also denied accusations that she had lied about being pregnant with the teenager’s child.

Miss Stephenson was asked: “You don’t believe he wanted to kill you?”

“Yes I do!” said a clearly distressed Ms Stephenson before the judge called a break to allow her to calm down.

Defence counsel for Rowe, Richard Kelly QC asked Miss Stephenson when she had met Rowe.

She described that she had met him at South Essex College in Grays and were good friends.

She told the court that the relationship had changed when she was told of drug taking in her own flat.

She said: “I found white powder on book. I was angry as it was a really good book I’d been reading and they know how much I like books”

Miss Stephenson then put public message on Rowe’s facebook account.

She said: “I meant to put it in an inbox message but because I was angry I left it on his status”

The court heard that the message read: “Did you have fun snorting speed in my flat?”

A message came back from Rowe’s account: “If it’s Corey or Dave who told you, you better tell them to watch their backs you bitch”.

Rowe denies all the charges.

The youth denies the charge of attempted murder but has pled guilty to a charge of wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

The case continues.


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