Wednesday, February 1, 2023

MP backs PM’s call on immigration cap

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon & East Thurrock welcomed the Government’s cap on economic immigration.

Mr Metcalfe believes that the limit will help reduce net migration down to sustainable levels and sends a clear message that Britain is open for business.

Mr Metcalfe said: “Under Labour immigration was out of control. The Coalition Government is taking action to bring down the level of immigration by addressing all visa routes. The cap on economic migration will limit the number of people UK employers will be able to bring from outside the EU to work in skilled professions. This will reduce the numbers entering via this route by a quarter compared to Labour’s last year in office.

“The cap on economic migration will protect the business and institutions which are so vital to our economy. There will be an extra thousand visas for people of ‘exceptional talent’ to ensure that the country remains open to the brightest and the best. Other changes will ensure that the investors and entrepreneurs who can play a major part in our economic recovery will continue to find Britain an attractive destination.

Mr Metcalfe went on to slam the former Labour administration. He said: “Labour admitted they swept the issue of immigration ‘under the carpet’ – in fact they buried damning reports which revealed their failures. Now Labour claim to support ‘controlled’ immigration yet they attacked our cap on economic migration and refuse to support our reforms to the student visa route.

“This government is committed to controlling immigration. We aim to reduce net migration down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands a year. To achieve this we need to address all visa routes:

· We have capped economic migration from outside of the EU
· We have reformed the largest route, the student visa system, and clamped down on widespread abuses – we expect student visa numbers to fall by up to 80,000 or a quarter of the current total.
· We will soon take action to break the link between temporary routes and permanent settlement, and to address the family visa route.

Stephen added: “Under Labour, immigration was out control and net migration reached unsustainable levels. That’s why this Government aims to bring net migration down to the levels of the 1990s – the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands.

“Government reforms to reduce immigration will overhaul all visa routes. I believe employers must look first to people who are out of work and already in this country before

“Labour admit they swept immigration under the carpet – so it’s a shame they refuse to support the Government in putting right their mistakes.’


  1. do these politicians live in the real world?
    This has been a problem since the 80’s and i experienced cheap foreign labour first hand by greedy bosses and it has got progressively worse ever since .
    both main parties have failed with this policy over the years and i find it rich that the tories are critisiing labour when i was their policies that made it easier for employers to sack workers and bring in cheaper labour.

  2. I agree with the comments made by mgriffiths91, each political party has left the doors firmly open in regards to immigration, also with the joining of the European Union this has just created even more of an open door policy, I am not sure of the actual figures but I woudl assume that immigration is a lot more than emigration, lets not forget that we are an island and as such have limited space.

    I am all for immigration when the need arises with respect to the labour force but we now have millions of people looking for work but we still allow migrant workers to take the places of those who were born in the country.

  3. Article from 2008 – Worth reading.
    Deal with Illegal Immigration – The Tier System introduced from 2008/2009 has effectively blocked most “Legal” migration of workers.
    The Arab Revolt currently effecting North Africa is all about poverty and greed. Assist those countries to stabilize and the flow of workers will severely ebb, do nothing as most NATO countries wish and misery will follow and the rise of the extremist and racially biased & stupid will again be thrust into politics.

  4. From the Guardian – National Statistics
    “Total numbers of people coming into the UK and leaving
    Since the year 2000 to June 2010 it is estimated that 572,000, people came into the UK. This figure has remained broadly the same since 2004.
    Applications for Visas
    The number of applications for asylum, excluding dependants, was 4% lower in Q4 2010 (4,630) compared with Q4 2009 (4,840).
    People removed from the country
    In the fourth quarter of 2010, a total of 13,225 people were removed or departed voluntarily from the UK, 21 % lower than in Q4 2009 (16,785).
    Within this total there were 2,150 people (including dependants) who had claimed asylum (22% lower than in Q4 2009) and 11,080
    non-asylum cases (21% lower than in Q4 2009).
    Why people come here
    The estimated number of long-term migrants whose main reason for entering the UK for formal study was 234,000 in the year to June 2010. This is a 41 per cent rise on the 166,000 in the year to June 2009. Long-term immigration to the UK for formal study has trebled over the last decade.
    UK population by country of birth
    In the year to June 2010 India was the most common country of birth for UK residents born outside the UK, and Polish was the most common non-British nationality.

    Similar figures are appearing in the other Broad Sheets but no figures to show how many people left UK. What is the value of immigration to UK.?
    A recent statistic shows the 4% of the UK population from the Indian Sub Continent contribute 8% of GDP. Good News?


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