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Labour “Defending the indefensible” over costly services

WITH THE local election just 48 hours away, the Tories have put Labour under pressure by demanding that they justify the number of “costly” services throughout the borough.

The Tories pushed through a number of key amendments in the budget. Their plan is to outsource a number of services in a similar way to the role that Impulse Leisure plays.

Latest figures released to the Conservatives by Thurrock Council show the following losses:

– Thameside Theatre £111,000 (spend to March 2011) and budgeted to lose £417,000 in the coming year.

– Grangewaters £112,000 (spend to March 2011)

– Grays Beach £127,000 (spend to Feb 2011)

– Grays Beach café £25,000 (spend to Feb 2011)

Leader of the Thurrock Conservatives, Garry Hague said:”These figures indicate that key Council leisure facilities are running at quite considerable losses.  Whilst it will not be possible to turn the financial position around overnight, we believe these figures confirm our belief that the best way to achieve viability, and to ensure they are run better for residents, is to transfer the operation of such facilities to a specialist leisure trust who are experienced at successfully running community leisure facilities.”

YT spoke to deputy leader and councillor for Grays Riverside, Valerie Morris-Cook and asked her to whether she felt that she was defending the indefensible.


  1. A bit of a porkie saying it is prime real estate when the previous Government rubber stamped a waste incinerator next to it! Who wants to live next to a waste incinerator? Strange how none of the councillors in Grays Riverside objected to this?

  2. I might add at least this candidate can string words together unlike the bumbling fool that is running for the tories in Aveley


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