Tories elect new leader

At their Annual General Meeting last night, the Conservative group on Thurrock Council elected Stanford East and Corringham Town Councillor Phil Anderson as their new group leader. Ockendon Councillor Amanda Arnold will continue to serve as deputy leader.

Cllr Anderson said: “I would like to thank the Conservative group for the trust that they have placed in me by electing me as group leader. My predecessor Cllr Garry Hague has led both the Conservative Group and Thurrock Council with great commitment and integrity, and on behalf of the whole group I would like to thank him publicly for his time as leader. Garry will continue to take a full and active role both as a Councillor and a senior member of the Conservative group, and I look forwards to working alongside him.

“The recent elections have again left Thurrock Council in a situation of ‘no overall control’, with neither of the main parties holding the 25 seats needed to form an administration on their own. With 24 Councillors having been elected by the people of Thurrock as Conservatives, we will be taking a leading role in the discussions that must now take place to form a stable and effective administration for Thurrock. I recognise that there are talented Councillors right across the political spectrum, and will be seeking to ensure that all of their talents can be included as far as possible for the benefit of our borough.”

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