Saturday, June 15, 2024

Planning enforcement upheld

An attempt to turn a Thurrock field into hard standing surrounded by earth embankment has been thrown out by planning inspectors.

The appeal related to enforcement action taken by Thurrock Council over land at Redhouse Poultry Farm in Lower Dunton Road, Bulphan.

Until 2007 the Farm, which is in the Green Belt, had been used for storing chicken manure however the land was developed without planning permission and used for a number of unauthorised activities, attracting the attention of Thurrock Council’s Planning Enforcement team.

The council issued an enforcement notice after a planning application submitted to the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation was refused. The enforcement notice required the embankments and hardstanding to be removed in the interests of preserving the openness and rural character of the Green Belt.

In a complex, 18-page judgement inspector VF Ammoun said the appeal failed on several grounds.

The Inspector threw out the appeal and awarded costs to Thurrock Council, however the Inspector extended the time for compliance to one year.


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