Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tory leader maps out year in opposition

TO CALL it a baptism of fire would be something of an understatement but that is what cllr Phil Anderson has just had.

Ironically, one of our resolutions after the local election was to run more stories on services rather than personalities. Let us hope we can return to that.

After a stressful week, cllr Anderson took time out after the annual meeting to give us his reflections on the evenings proceedings.


  1. I do love a man that believes his own headlines.

    As in my preevious post i have now seen your committee membership and my prediction was right. Jackie Doyle Prices man is newly elected and straight onto Childrens Overview and Scrutiny , the cynic in me suggests that this will be to drive through the tories education policies. Lets see.

  2. And the problem with the Tories Education Policies is what??? it cannot be any worse that what labour have done to the education standards in this country in the past 10 years, Teachers do not know whther they are coming or going with the amount of cahnges they made to the national curriculum which has seen us drop from 4th in the world on Science to 16th, 7th to 25th in Literacy and 8th to 28th in Mathematics.

    The amount of Bureaucracy that the last labour government put onto schools was crazy surely any reversal of this by any party has to be embraced, whilst there is news that Thurrock results are improving, and that is to be welcomed, we are a hell of along way off from where the standards should be.

  3. Lambo – I have absolutley no problem with academies and undestand why schools opt for this status.

    But today we see that the government has given schools new powers around admissions. this is a big step in the direction of schools being able to choose their own admissions criteriea and children who live next door to their school may not get a place at their local school. Thsoe that have learning difficultiesor struggle with day to day schooling may well see themselves overlooked for brighter pupils. Now that cannot be right.

    This is exactly the reason i was referring o in my post and not academies which can prove to be the right thing for our children.

  4. Schools have always been selective in their admissions criteria, this was evident back when I was at school (a long time ago) they had the 11+ (think that is what it was called) in fact there are problems with the over subscription of may schools which preclude pupils from attending their local education establishment.

    Lets not forget the fiasco surrounding the new Gateway academy, this replaced two schools with less places than both put together…..

  5. The Gateway is a fine example of academy but it should never have been allowed to change its admissions criteria – when it was agreed it was to have an annual intake of 240 but that quickly changed and it now takes about 180. You cannot merge two secondry schools and only have an intake of 180 the maths just dont add up.

    Things are about to get a whole lot worse yet as they have applied for free school status to take in Manorway infants and juniors if successful these kids will get first dibbings and the kids in chadwell, lansdown and st marys will all have to fight for wots left and the rest get the bus to other Thurrock schools.

    We are likely to see this same story all over thurrock once todays criteria annoncement begins to bed itself in. I know there has to be freedom of choice but i grew up when you went to the local infants and juniors and then went to the nearest secondry school.

    They were the days ay.

  6. i think the only fair admissions policy is distance from the school,everyone knows exactly where they stand.

  7. Integrity councillor Anderson ?, yours is in total free fall after the handling of the recent goings on within your sinking ship.

  8. you are a JOKE why are you still here you could not map out your pants how anybody can take on what you say is BOW-LOCKS get that thing off your chin just for a start and get some BOW-LOCKS or has joy said no


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