Amusing ,Bewildering and Harrowing

At the penultimate night of the Thurrock Drama Festival audiences were treated to three very different types of drama.

Thurrock Courts players opened the proceedings with a original one act play by Luke Coldham. What appears to be a comedic domestic situation turns out to be a long running soap and the lead character played with wonderful comic timing by Jim Wilkinson has decided to retire. To add to matters his real life son is coming in to the show and their strained relationship is put to the test.

A strong cast worked well together and the contrasts between the characters in the soap and “in real life” were impressive.
This performance hit the ground running for the first ten minutes but then lost pace when lines were lost on several occasions which was a pity as the play shows great promise. Better luck at Brentwood when it’s next aired.

I normally like Neil Gray’s work but on this occasion his self penned duologue staring himself and Nicola Stacey in “Changes” left me and the rest of the audience bewildered. Every member of the audience entered the bar area muttering “ what on earth was that about?” No scenery, no costume, no lighting plot, no props and worst of all no cohesive story and actually no characters even confused Jill Colby’s adjudication . This was thirty five minutes of nothing , the author himself seemed unsure of its direction. Sorry to be harsh but this was not entertainment of any kind.

By contrast Spotlight Theatre Company’s production of “Five Kinds Of Silence “ was a powerful gripping and harrowing tale of a family engulfed in physical and sexual abuse from the overpowering Billy played by the superb Dean Zetter. A strong cast and a strong dialogue made uncomfortable viewing and the cast were a little guilty of rushing and over dramatising portions of this piece.

We await with interest the Adjudicators results for tonight’s climax

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