Monday, February 6, 2023

Val claims victory over bin collection u-turn

Val Morris-Cook, Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council and portfolio holder for the environment has today joined the national debate over fortnightly bin collections.

Val said: “In Thurrock, I fulfilled my pledge of maintaining weekly bin collections.

She backed the Shadow Environment Minister, Jamie Reed, in challenging the government’s decision to abandon their pre-election pledge of a return to weekly bin collections.

Tabling an emergency question in the House of Commons the shadow minister described the Department for Food & Rural Affairs as “the political equivalent of the ‘mad woman in the attic’” and their decision to abandon their pledge as a “huge missed opportunity”.

“Like Jamie, I’m at a loss to explain why the government would carry out yet another U-turn on such an important matter.

“Thurrock is now up to 48 per cent recycling, far in excess of many other areas of the country with very nearly a fifth of our street waste now being recycled.

“All of this has been achieved by maintaining our weekly bin collections and by having a progressive and coherent recycling strategy.”

She said: “We have demonstrated that by working together with the people we represent we can produce real results. If we want to encourage people to get into recycling habit, the least we can do is to collect it weekly.

“A minister from this Tory-led government should visit Thurrock to see what results can be achieved when a Labour council works in partnership with their local community. This latest U-turn is madness.”


  1. My! my! Cllr Val Morris-Cook your “claim to victory over bin collection u-turn” has a whiff of hypocrisy about it and your statement “In Thurrock , I fullfilled my pledge of maintaining weekly bin collections” appears to ignore the fact that you, along with the Leader of the Council Cllr John Kent, were in favour of fortnightly bin collections. Indeed you went so far as to detail which bins would be collected fortnightly and which bins would continue to be collected weekly i.e the re-cycling bin [blue] would continue with weekly collections and the general waste bin [green/grey] would be collected fortnightly, I cannot recall that you stated any plans for kitchen/garden waste [brown bins]. You conveniently forget that you were forced to make a “u-turn” of your own in the face of opposition from people, myself among them, who repeatedly pointed out the folly of your plans, especially with regard to the fortnightly collection of general waste. You obviously believe that a u-turn by anyone other than yourself is “madness” whilst your u-turns are a shining example of “what results can be achieved when a Labour Council works in partnership with their local community” To paraphrase Jamie Reed, Shadow Environment Minister, we in Thurrock appear to have own political equivalent of “the mad woman in the attic”.

  2. Well said Peter, looks like VMC is trying to bluff everyone that she has forced the turn.

    VMC looks lke a typical Labour party memeber who has a very short memory….

  3. Mr Perrin. Glad to see you back on the site and commenting but as usual you have put your own slant on the facts.

    In this years budget proposals indead proposals to move one of the bin collections to fortnightly was put on the table. The bin in question was the green/grey bin and not the brown bin that contains food and garden waste.

    The key word to my above statement is ‘proposal’. Val along with every other member of the cabinet were tasked to find savings in their directorate to meet the £10 million cut that was imposed on Thurrock council by the Tory led coalition government. You would appreciate that for our small council that had no reserves due to Thurrock Tories spending the councils reserves there could be no stone left unturned.

    Bin collections, grass cutting, recycling, staffing across the council, would had had to be looked at. Surely you would have had more to say had VMC not looked seriously at her waste recycling strategy for Thurrock.

    I am sorry that you do not see the positives that VMC was able to meet the imposed short fall elsewhere but having followed your posts in your opion she would be damned if she did and damned if she didnt.

    The difference is the Tories had weekly bin collections in their manifesto pledges and yet again we see them tear the page out and do a u turn. I think you are confusing two very different issues here and thanks to VMC and her budgeting Thurock still has weekly bin collections of all 3 bins unlike many Tory led councils.

  4. Sting thanks for your welcome. Don’t we all put our own “slant” on things, after all what we say is what we think. I thought somebody would come up with it was only a “proposal” but it was a “proposal ” that, had there not been serious opposition from the public, the Labour Administration would have gone ahead with and we would have had fortnightly colllection of the green/grey bin containing non-recyclable waste i.e used baby nappies, cat litter and all the other unpleasant waste in bins for 2 weeks getting smellier and smellier to say nothing of maggots etc. The point I was making it was not the so-called “pledge” Cllr Val Morris-Cook claims to have kept but the “voice” of the people that forced the abandonment of the “proposal” and resulted in what I interpret as a u-turn. Cllr Morris-Cook’s claim “In Thurrock,I fulfilled my pledge of maintaining weekly bin collections” was just opportunistic political point scoring.

  5. it was not a case of point scoring mr perrin it was a case of listening to residents in thurrock and working hard to achieve that savin elsewhere so weekly bin collections could be maintained. it seems your short break from your thurrock as not helped you look at things any clearer. perhaps you should try a 6 month break this time.

  6. Sorry Red Rebel, but reading through your comment I am sure you have made an error, it mentions that someone from Labour was trying to save money, now come on that can’t be right, tell us you were joking when you wrote that 🙂

  7. Red Rebel, I am pleased you recognise that it was the “VOICE” of the people that persuaded Cllr Morris-Cook to abandon her plans for fortnightly bin collections. I have not taken a break from contributing to debate on “Your Thurrock” and I certainly do not intend to heed your advice to take a six month break, especially when my contributions obviously get under your skin and cause you some irritation. Unlike you and others I do not hide behind “silly” names I am prepared to be clearly identified so that there is no doubt as to who I am and I am prepared to be associated with the views I express. I say to all of you who use these “names” have the courage to tell us who you really are so that we can better understand your motives and agenda.


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