Tuesday, June 18, 2024

MP visits Grays School

THE GRAYS School Media Arts College was delighted to welcome Jackie Doyle-Price, MP for Thurrock, on her first visit to the school last Friday. During her two-hour tour, Ms Price assisted a Year 10 Science class with their presentations on the biological and social effects of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs, fielding questions and taking part in a wide-ranging discussion which demonstrated the students’ grasp of the issues.

The MP visited other classes in Maths, Science, Geography and History. A highlight of the visit was the new Year 9 Creative and Expressive Arts Course, in which she witnessed how much the students relished the opportunity to develop skills in media, art and drama. She also talked to the Student Council, which spoke enthusiastically about their pride in TGSMAC and all their work around the school.

Jackie said, “I greatly enjoyed my visit to Grays School. It is clear that there and across all the secondary schools in Thurrock there is no shortage of energy and enthusiasm on the part of teachers and pupils alike. I look forward to see continued improvement across the board so that we are giving all our young people the best foundation we can.”

Mrs Lynn Ibeji, the Head Teacher of the Grays School Media Arts College said: “I was delighted when our MP asked to visit. Education is a topical issue both nationally and locally, and it is wonderful that she can see the great strides we are making towards achieving the goals we have set for the school.”


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