Saturday, June 15, 2024

“Shape up or ship out”: Council Chief Exec gets tough with housing company

CONTROVERSIAL multi-million pound contracts awarded by Thurrock Council could be revoked if performance levels don’t improve.

That was the message relayed by the council’s chief executive Graham Farrant to residents last week.

Infact the message was a lot simpler: “Shape up or ship out.”

Mr Farrant was responding to a question from local businessman, Ross Bannister of BCS Electricals whose company and others, he said, had suffered due to the main housing contract being issued to Morrisons.

Mr Farrant detailed a number of complaints that he had to handle individually. One complaint ended up with him fitting a light bulb personally.

It is clear that with this contract as well as the Vertex contract, Mr Farrant has assembled a team of experts in key positions that will ensure the contracts are monitored robustly.

Here is a small section, where Mr Farrant and Director of Change, Richard Whitehouse detail how they will challenge these controversial contracts.


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