Monday, February 6, 2023

School Closures This Thursday

Thurrock Council has been liaising with local schools over planned strike action on Thursday (30 June) by the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL).

As of Tuesday (28 June), 16 primary (junior and/or infant) schools said they expected to close on Thursday — one of them, Tudor Court in Chafford Hundred, already had a non-pupil day scheduled.

Eighteen primaries will be partially open and eight will be fully open on the day.

None of the borough’s secondary schools are closing, four are partially open and three are fully open. Both sites of the pupil referral unit are open.

Details of the school closures etc will be available on the council’s website (, but parents are advised to check with their children’s school if they are unsure.

Schools that will be open:Bulphan C of E (VC) Primary
Chafford Hundred Campus B&E College
Deneholm County Primary
Dilkes Primary
Gable Hall
Horndon-on-the-Hill C of E.
Kenningtons Primary
Purfleet Primary
Somers Heath Primary
West Thurrock Primary
William Edwards School and Sports College

Schools That will be partially Open

Arthur Bugler Infant
Arthur Bugler County Junior
Aveley Primary
Benyon Primary
Corringham Primary
East Tilbury Infant
East Tilbury Junior
Giffards Primary
Grays Convent High
Herringham Primary
Lansdowne Primary
Little Thurrock Primary
Manor Infant
Quarry Hill Primary & Pre School
Shaw Primary
St Thomas of Canterbury C P
St. Clere’s
Stifford Primary
The Grays School Media Arts College
Tilbury Manor Junior
Warren Primary

Schools that will be closed:
Abbots Hall Primary
Beacon Hill
Bonnygate Primary
Chadwell St Mary Primary
Chafford Hundred Primary
Graham James Primary
Holy Cross Catholic Primary
Orsett CE Primary
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary
St. Mary’s R.C. Primary
Stanford-le-Hope Primary
Stifford Clays Infant
Stifford Clays Junior
Thameside Infant
Thameside Junior
Tudor Court Primary
Woodside Primary


  1. Whilst I am in total agreement with a workers right to down tools if you look at the figures for the strike mandate it is rather embarasing:

    Out of appox 200000 NUT memebers only 40% bothered to return the balot paper of which 92% voted in favour of indstrial action, so almost 68% did not register an interest or did not vote to strike

    Just over 50% of the ATL memebers are eligible to vote due to other being non-members or non pension holder and out of those that are eligible only 35% bothered to return the balot paper of which 83% voted for action so again almost 70% either could not be bothered or don’t want a strike.

    Sureley there should be some form of legislation in place which states that if you do not have the backing of over 50% of your entire workforce, that are eligible to vote, saying yes to a general strike then it should not be allowed.

    From the figures above this shows a deep apathy amongst the majority of the workforce in both unions with regards to industrial action.

    Also have a look around at the pay and benefits of the Union leaders, some of which get bigger pension paymenst from the unions tahn the workforce get in an entire year, it looks like the fat cats in the unions don’t really give two hoots what happens as they will all be Ok…..

  2. Unions need to be getting out the message on Pensions but very poor ballot support may mask this, not good. I have both Private Industry(worked in Inverstment Banking) and now Public pension. I cherish this financial augmentation so that I will not be dependent upon the state. Let us remember that many Occupational Pensions closed simply for profit reasons and when there was any hint of objections workers found themselves losing jobs. The whole pension issue needs reviewing – Dignity in Old Age and less State dependency. I support action by the Trade Unions in definding their Pensions but discussion as far as possible. Public support is finely balanced on this issue at the moment and such a crucial issue needs public understanding and support as Pension Provision ultimaterly affects us all!

  3. If the figures quoted on this morning’s BBC news are accurate then there is a 4 billion pound a year shortfall between what is paid out in public sector pensions and what is received from public sector workers by way of contributions. I am all in favour of dignity in old age and everybody’s right to a decent pension but I am not in favour of having to pay more tax to subsidise somebody else’s! Surely it is right that public sector workers across the board actually pay more into the pot to close the funding gap? It cannot be right that private sector workers subsidise public sector workers, for goodness sake, we already pay their wages!

  4. Pension provision in the UK is in a mess but it is an issue that has been discussed many years / decades ago. When I worked in the Pension Industry an All party Committee sat for a decade looking at the same issues which we face now – funding! The up shot of the part of committee hearing in 1993 which I took a small part in was that without Legislation and Govt intervention the British People and Industry would not provide enough funding voluntarily to provide valid Satate / Public State Emploee Pensions and Private Pensions. Instant action was called for otherwise by 2005 the situatiion may have gone too far and draconian measures would have to be introduced (Hutton Report).
    The past decade spent now forget the future lifestyle has a lot to answer for. And sadly i believe Boom and Bust is here to stay and until finally senior politians say enough is enough. We’re all in this together?

  5. Reading the news today, it seems most of the western world is going to have to re learn how to live within its means. Living on borrowed money is always a bad idea, for Government as well as individuals.

  6. I agree with everyone having to learn to live within their means but as we know life is unfair and not everyone will have to,bankers did not get their pensins cut. I think teaching is a difficult job I dont think its fair that they should just lie back and accept changes to their pension terms and conditions. Striking is not going to solve the problem though as it makes people angry.Im a nurse and have had my pension cut but I ve had to take a day off work because my sons teacher is on strike even though I would never strike Im in a non striking union!!!!!


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