Saturday, February 4, 2023

Danielle Jones murder case likely to be re-examined in light of phone-hacking scandal

THE TRAGIC murder of East Tilbury schoolgirl Danielle Jones looks likely to be re-examined in the light of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

The 15-year-old St Clere’s schoolgirl was abducted and murdered in East Tilbury in 2001 by her uncle, Stuart Campbell.

The conviction relied upon forensic authorship analysis of text messages sent on Danielle’s mobile phone.

Stuart Campbell, a builder, was convicted of abduction and murder on 19 December 2002. Campbell was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder as well as 10 years for abduction.

The Guardian has reported that officers investigating phone hacking by the News of the World are turning their attention to examine every high-profile case involving the murder, abduction or attack on any child since 2001 in response to the revelation that journalists from the tabloid newspaper hacked into the voicemail messages of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

Police have also made contact with the parents of murdered Soham schoolgirls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman as well as contact with agencies close to the McCann family.

The news may well only add more distress to Danielle’s mother, Linda Jones, 51 who recently visited Danielle’s memorial garden at St Clere’s on the tenth anniversary of her daughters murder.


  1. This must be devastating for all the parents concerened, to have old ground gone over again must be heart wrenching and I can only express my sympathies with these families.

    What the NOTW has done is completley shameful, Murdoch and his cronies need to be bought to book over these allegations if proven, the editor, owner and any other complicit person of the NOTW should be jailed for this, the press have now over-stepped the mark, none of this was in the public interest and all they were after was sensationalism.

    Yes you do need the freedom of the press but these underhanded and covert tactics are certainly not covered by that, I really hope that if found guilty the NOTW stops production as this has been an immoral and disgusting process

  2. Same sentiments – but I fear such an organisation as News International has such political tentacles that this issue may just result in a paid “Fall Guy” taking the rap. Should at least bar BSB Takeover though and a Public Enquiry needed especially if Police Officers have been paid monies.

  3. Latest – BBC “David Cameron raises possibility of not only one Public inquiry but two: one into into media standards, another on how the police handled the initial hacking revelations…..BSB – Expect pressure to be applied to get the whole deal referred back to the Competition Commission. ……”
    “Labour’s Chris Bryant questioned the role of the Metropolitan Police during the earlier investigation into hacking, and the information officers had given ministers and others.
    He said: “I think a lot of lies have been told to a lot of people. When police officers tell lies or, at best, half-truths to politicians… that’s a major constitutional issue for us to face.”
    Mr Bryant added: “What hangs around is a very dirty smell.”

  4. 11000 Pages of background reviews. Now possibly hacking of War Dead Families – Why? If a private company representaive / agent is capable of this what are Govt Agencies capable of?

  5. Now “The Royal British Legion has dropped the News of the World as its campaigning partner in light of reports that bereaved relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan may have had their phones hacked by a private investigator working for the News of the World. The Legion has suspended all relations with the newspaper pending a resolution of the allegations……”


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