Sunday, January 29, 2023

Tory leader calls for tighter controls on local media

TORY LEADER cllr Phil Anderson has called for a code of conduct to be signed by all local newspapers in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed News International.

Cllr Anderson said: “Events this week have made it very clear that some parts of the national media had crossed the line of acceptable behaviour. The outcome has been bad all round: bad for the victims; bad for the public interest; and catastrophic for the newspaper and all of its employees.

“I don’t want to see anything like this ever happen locally here in Thurrock. Both local public figures and our independent local media deserve to be protected. In a fast changing environment of internet reporting and social media, we cannot assume that yesterday’s conventions will still work today.

“I will be asking councillors to debate the issue next week (Wednesday July 20th). If we reach agreement, I hope that we will be approaching all of the local media to get together and agree a simple code of conduct that balances the key priorities: freedom of speech, a free press, and freedom from harassment for individuals.”

Councillor Anderson’s motion has already been backed in some Labour quarters with the press now required to give two weeks notice to attend some meetings chaired by Labour councillors and be required to face a question and answer session.


  1. Tory leader calls for tighter controls on local media

    i bet you do fagpaper i bet joy thinks so to

  2. Cllr. Anderson is quoted as saying “Both local public figures and our independent local media deserve to be protected”

    It is indeed unfortunate that this quote does not include local individuals who are not public figures, as they need protecting just as much – some would say more because they have not chosen public scrutiny as a way of life.
    I hope the draft of the motion makes it clear that everyone should be protected – not just the rich and/or famous.

  3. Oh dear, looks like Joy has really got under Alberts skin, let it go mate, both you and I know that nothing will come of this none of the parties in TBC are capable of getting things right……

    I agree in part with what Cllr Anderson is saying, a code of conduct would be good; however, this already exists with the NUJ code of conduct, can this not be used as the framework for all journalists to work towards?

    Unfortunatley no matter what codes you have in place, if they have no teethe then they will be disgarded if the story is that important, the public have become sponges for knowledge and stories and journalists will always try to gain the upper hand on their rivals to get that scoop.

    Hopefully none of ourt local journalists have been involved in anything as underhand as Mr Murdoch and his pals but if they have then they should hang their heads in shame and hopefully they will be brought to justice along with those at the News International

  4. If this was April 1st i would have this article at the top of the pile for the April fools joke of the day.

    Cllr Anderson wants to curtail the local press does he?

    Would that mean that residents would not have found out about the mess his party left the councils finances in and the antics of members of his own party over the last couple of years?

    Here are a few headlines we might not have got.

    Audit commission taking action as the councils reserves were in dire straights and council was facing bankruptcy.

    Under the Thurrock Tories the council overspends by more than 4million in a single year.

    Under Thurrock Tories Council officers and councillors relationship at an all time low and a special task force was sent in to broker relalationships.

    Thurrock tories wanted the council to print and distribute its own newspaper even though there was no money in the bank to do so.

    Cllr Cheale, Harrison and St Clair Haslam were so emabarressed with Thurrock tories they walk the floor and set up their own political party.

    Details emerge that the Thurrock Tory headquarters are actually in an office on the illegal lorry park in West Thurrock.

    Planning issues and enforcement not followed up under the tories to stop the illegal lorry park.

    Deputy Mayor stands down after drunken and theft antics whilst representing the thurrock residents at an official meeting using the mayors car.

    Deputy mayor, cllr nicklen and halden are thrown out of local pub for abusing the landlady and taking the stolen wine in pub and trying to drink it on the premises.

    Cllr Nicklen uses the ‘dont u know who i am’ line to landlady.

    Cllr Rockcliffe issues his ‘missing Chaffrica’ statement on facebook whilst on holiday and away from his home in Chafford Hundred. He returns from holiday and issues a statement saying he will be standing down from duties due to outside commitments.

    Cllr John Cowell is allegedly caught talking shop and how to ‘get round planning’ on a hidden camera.

    Thurrock Tories pull last minute stunt at budget to ‘pacakge up and outsource local leisure services’ and close down adult education centre in Grays.

    Thurrock tories council ammendment to council tax allows us all an extra loaf of bread a year.

    Cllr Joy Redsell is forced to stand down from council planning after u tube video shows her meeting a local developer for drinks in a pub and using a planning application as a table cloth.

    Cllr Anderson carries out his ‘own’ investigation into Joy Redsell and the pub lunch and his only conclusion was she made a mistake.

    When publicly asked in planning to apologise to Thurrock residents he fails to do so.

    Alegedly the ‘golf club’ incident in blackshots was a Tory councillor.

    Cllr Cheale uses her casting vote to put Labour back in control after Phil Anderson calls her a ‘Judas’ and releases an insulting statement about her to the press (what a joke this motion is)

    All of this and much more has been printed in the local media -no wonder Cllr Phil Anderson wants to censor the press.

    As aThurrock resident I have every right to know what is happening in the council, how my money is being spent and what our councillors are up to whilst perfoming public duties.

  5. Well said Sting. Im a thurrock resident and i have every right to know as well. I this is what we know about imagine all the stuff we dont know about . As i said early it is no wonder PHIL want the local media gagged and put on a leash. Lets have it right with all Phil’s troubles and what his members get up to on a regular basis I suppose he wants to control the local media to cover up the wrongdoings within his group. How could this idiot make this statement and I repeat from one of my earlier posts John Kent should have him on wages coz lets have it right if you got to be in opposition against anybody how lovely to have a stupid person like PHIL as your opposite number!!!!!!

  6. There are sufficient laws to cover intrusive actions and harassment but the problem is there a will to enforce when matters get out of hand.
    Reporting by YOUR Thurrock / Enquirer / Gazette and others does hold those in power to account and the blogs show support / dissatisfaction. Good Forums no need to cap or limit.

  7. In others words,the press must only print what cllr Anderson wants them to.
    They must not print that he has any problems in his group, what wrong doings are happening within the group etc etc.
    Come on Phillip why would any Good upstanding cllr wish to gag the press,unless of course you had something to hide.
    One has to wonder if while he is trying to gag the press he will also look in to some of the bloggs that are so obviously written by Tories,
    Of course he won’t they only run down other political parties and individuals(so that’s all ok then)

  8. I believe all council meetings should be filmed and placed on You Tube so all residents can see the meetings and listen to all comments in context.

    Thurrock Council should drsg itself out of the dark ages and embrace modern technology like many other forward thinking councils.

    If Redsell has sat on planning meetings and made decisions on her friends applications, if she has met developers and discussed their plans and then voted on them, if she attacked a girl with a golf club then she is unfit to be a councillor and should resign.

    If these allegations are false then she is the innocent victim of a malicious politically motivated witch hunt.

  9. Well said Dave Peterson:

    So what is it Joy Redsell?

    Did you sit on these meetings and vote on them?

    Did you chase your grand daughter down the road with a golf club?

    Phil Anderson – It has been said many times that the meeting between Joy Redsell and her developer friend will not go away until you take the appropriate action. Are you getting the message?

    If the golf club incident is true then she is unft to be a councillor and should stand down with immediate effect.

    If there is no truth to these two rumours then Joy or Phil should stand up in full council and kill these two rumours.


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