Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lakeside open as usual

Paul Lancaster, General Manager: “We would like to reassure our customers that we are open for business as usual.

“We are aware of the rumours circulating on Twitter that Lakeside Shopping Centre could be a target for looting by a small number of individuals.

“Although there is no confirmed truth behind these rumours, we are taking this threat seriously and are working alongside the police to keep up to date on the situation and assess it as it unfolds.

“The safety and security of our customers and staff is a top priority and we will continue to work alongside the police and act on their advice. Currently we are open as usual.”


  1. Just been to Lakeside and the Retail Park, all is quiet, no problems what so ever, so all these people on social network sites spreading rumours need to stop before it starts to divert the police from where they are really needed.

    As jmw118 has said lakeside is not the easiest place to get to without public transport or a vehicle so it can easily be locked down…

  2. Have been told that Lakeside shut down at 2pm today.
    High police presence, did you know that shoplifters are let off with a caution if they haven’t got any previous and the goods have a value of less than £50!

  3. well that doesnt suprise me..
    lets hope we dont see any trouble at Lakeside or anywhere in Thurrock for that matter! I hope that the social media will be the downfall of these mindless idiots who have rioted and looted,that anyone who has pictures of them on their mobiles hand them over to the police so they can be arrested and dealt with in the courts -harshly!
    If I had my way the tear gas and plastic bullets would of been out Sunday and if I hear one more person say that we have to listen to the kids grievances and undersatnd why they have done this I am going to scream,there are people far worse off in this country and the world who have suffered but they dont see fit to go on the rampage,vandalasing,robbing,commiting arson,destroying peoples lives with no regard for life of others and lets face it there were adults involved as well it wasnt all kids.I dont know what this country is coming to-we re too soft,zero tolerance is whats called for!


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