Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pop-up and clean-up!

Thurrock’s top environment councillor is promoting the use of “mini pop-up car bins” which can be bought at the borough’s libraries.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, portfolio holder for environment, said: “I don’t understand people who throw rubbish out of their cars — actually I don’t understand people who throw or drop rubbish at all.

“I have one of these car bins and they come in very handy allowing you to put rubbish somewhere safe in your car and then being able to put it in a bin when you get home.

“There’s no excuse for littering, whether it’s dropping or throwing a cigarette end, a sweet wrapper of a drink bottle.

“If you’re on foot, use a bin, if you’re in a vehicle use one of these Thurrock Council pop-up car bins, they’re only £3 and they’re available from all our libraries.”

Thurrock is also the only council in Britain to have branded mini pop-up car bins. Thanks to its double waterproof liner, fruit peel, juice cartons and coffee cups present no problem to the car bin. It hangs from a head rest or can be secured over the gear stick, and it can be folded flat when not needed. The bins are on sale for only £3.


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