“My conscience wouldn’t allow another Buncefield” says planning chief

THE CHAIR of Thurrock’s planning committee has countered questions over his leadership by the Tory opposition over the controversial lorry park in West Thurrock.

Leader of the Tories and member of the planning committee, cllr Phil Anderson has called on the Labour bosses to consider whether cllr Hipsey is the best person to lead the planning committee after a planning inquiry went against cllr Hipsey’s proposal to close the Titan Works lorry park in 28 days.

The inspectorate decided that the lorry park may remain open until 2015.

Speaking to YT, cllr Hispey remains unrepentant. He said: “Let us be clear on a number of matters. There is a COMAH (hazardous chemicals) site in there. Next to it is three hundred lorries or more, not very far from homes and schools.

“My conscience is clear and I have done my best to try and safeguard the people of West Thurrock, who are entitled to sleep easily in their beds.

“I know that if another Buncefield happens that I can also rest easy in that regard.”

Cllr Hispey added: “It does seem a bit strange that it is cllr Anderson’s colleagues in Westminster who are behind the Localism Bill. A bill that wants to see the wishes of the people heard.

“However it seems strange that here we have a petition signed by 2000 residents and he seems to want to ignore this.”

Cllr Hipsey was also heard on BBC Essex this morning.


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