Councillors refuse to discuss plight of war hero

AS THE CLOCK ticked past 9pm last night (Wednesday) a large part of the council agenda had yet to be discussed. “It is going to be a long night” said the reporter sitting next to YT. They had worked at Essex County Council and Southend where meetings had gone on until midnight. Not at Thurrock. As 9.30pm, came along, they stood up and left.

What compounded the situation is that the next motion was an update on what help had been given to stricken private Alex Stringer, who lost three limbs whilst fighting for his country in Afghanistan. It appears they couldn’t even give him a minute of their time.

There was also questions on GCSE’s,sports hubs,the Gull lightship and a motion on press conduct.

In an evening, dominated by a presentation from the chief constable James Barker-McCardle, where it was admitted that 1,100 members of the Essex Police family could lose their jobs, (“a large number of employees are frightened about losing their jobs” said the chief), many would have thought that the meeting could have run on until, 10 or 11pm but apparently not.

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