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No boundary to Thurrock’s past

A THREE-FEET white stone boundary post discovered in Chadwell St Mary has been donated to Thurrock Museum in the Thameside complex, Grays.

Housing developers close to Sleeper’s Farm at the Cross Key’s in Chadwell village unearthed the boundary stone and it was noticed by John Matthews a local historian who contacted the museum.

Jonathan Catton, Thurrock Council’s Heritage and Museum officer quickly responded as it was likely to get re-buried. He confirmed this was probably an 18th or 19th century land boundary as it has duel initials around the side faces of the stone.

Mr Catton said: “It is all a mystery at the moment, but I think by researching the local archives and maps we can say that the initials ‘D J’ almost certainly refer to land ownership of the Daniel Jackson family — four generations with the male called Daniel!.

“They, at various times, owned property in West Tilbury and Chadwell.

“Indeed DJ is marked in the middle of the Cross Keys pub with the date 1878 – I.m assuming he was the builder at the time and the family lived in Chadwell House at one time.”

The stone also has other initials which could be CP or CR, but they have been eroded over the years.

If it is CP Mr Catton believes it might refer to Chadwell Place estate or Chadwell Parish. The other possible interpretation of CR might refer to the owner of Chadwell Place a man called Champion Russell.

It is hoped to put the boundary stone on display in Thurrock Museum alongside a charity land owner boundary stone from East Tilbury and a mile stone from the junction of Hogg Lane and London Road, in Grays.

If anybody discovers any more of these stones Mr Catton at the museum would be most interested to record them.


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