Sunday, December 10, 2023

Love Where You Live

NEXT Monday (17 October) is the Keep Britain Tidy, Love Where You Live day of action.

Councils, schools, businesses, individuals and other organisations up and down the country will stop what they are doing for a few minutes and show a little love to their local area.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for environment, said: “Small actions can lead to big change. Please show you care and be part of this national movement.

“Why not go out and pick up a piece of litter or encourage others to clear up after their dog.

“We should be proud of where we live and with that pride comes responsibility — we should take some responsibility for where we live too.”

Why not take a few minutes to clear up near your home and then let us know by taking a photograph. You can send you picture to the Love Thurrock site via the front page of the council’s website ( or by going to the Clean Streets page on the site and then clicking on the Get Behind Thurrock links too (direct link:

If you have any activity planned, the details can be posted on


  1. I agree that we should take more pride in our local community however the quote from Cllr Morris-Cook “Why not go out and pick up a piece of litter or encourage others to clear up after their dog” dose deflect from what TBC should already be enforcing, especially the clearing up of Dog Mess, I would be interested to see the figures on the amount of people procecuted for this offence.

    Just take a walk around Grays Beach Park and you will see the scale of the problem, maybe if TBC started a campaign of cative procecutions in the area then the word would get around and the problem may lessen.


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