Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umannu launches recovery plan in Thurrock

SHADOW BUSINESS secretary, Chuka Umannu launched the five point plan for recovery for the East of England in Thurrock yesterday.

The Streatham MP visited Commodore kitchens in Grays and the Redeemed Church of Christ in Tilbury as he delivered his message regarding growth in the teeth of the recession.

Mr Umannu also took time to slam the planned toll hikes at the Dartford Crossing. He described them as ‘deeply concerning’ warning they will adversely affect Thurrock businesses.

Mr Umunna said: “This is something deeply concerning and can only have a negative impact on businesses across Thurrock. These plans need to be looked at again as these increased costs will put an unnecessary burden on local businesses.”

During his trip Mr Umunna praised the work of local businesses arguing much could be learnt from success stories like Grays-based Commodore Kitchens.

“Here is a successful local business that is employing over 80 people in Thurrock – these are the people we need to be listening to,” said Mr Umunna.

“Today I have heard a lot especially about the negative effect the Tory VAT tax hike has had on local businesses. We need to look at the success stories in Thurrock and learn from them to help promote jobs and growth in the area.”

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