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Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umannu launches recovery plan in Thurrock

SHADOW BUSINESS secretary, Chuka Umannu launched the five point plan for recovery for the East of England in Thurrock yesterday.

The Streatham MP visited Commodore kitchens in Grays and the Redeemed Church of Christ in Tilbury as he delivered his message regarding growth in the teeth of the recession.

Mr Umannu also took time to slam the planned toll hikes at the Dartford Crossing. He described them as ‘deeply concerning’ warning they will adversely affect Thurrock businesses.

Mr Umunna said: “This is something deeply concerning and can only have a negative impact on businesses across Thurrock. These plans need to be looked at again as these increased costs will put an unnecessary burden on local businesses.”

During his trip Mr Umunna praised the work of local businesses arguing much could be learnt from success stories like Grays-based Commodore Kitchens.

“Here is a successful local business that is employing over 80 people in Thurrock – these are the people we need to be listening to,” said Mr Umunna.

“Today I have heard a lot especially about the negative effect the Tory VAT tax hike has had on local businesses. We need to look at the success stories in Thurrock and learn from them to help promote jobs and growth in the area.”


  1. Clearly the Thurrock and national Labour party believe that they have now made Thurrock into a model of the inner city areas of London. So much so that they feel confident in inviting a black London Labour MP and the former advisor to red ken to address black audiences and presumably to promote black rights above those of the rest of the community. It’s nice to see that a prospective government minister can take time out to visit a predominately black church and that Labour can once again promote its black history propaganda

  2. I doubt he came to promote ‘black rights’ – whatever that is – but more likely to pander to the Africans for votes.

  3. Exactly Bernard87. Back in the 80’s and 90’s the Tories did a similar thing in Westminster and the Labour party were like a pack of rabid hyena’s demanding the head of the leader of Westminster council. Labour think it’s ok to bus in their supporters to areas they regard as naturally Labour to shore up support. Now we have to put up with black representatives of the Labour party paying visits to the newcomers to ensure they vote Labour while the rest of us can once again go and do one. This should be a warning to everyone in Thurrock of what exactly the Labour party are all about. Perhaps the entire last Labour government should be surcharged in the same way that the Leader of Westminster council was. Thurrock will very soon be like the rest of London. What a wretched place to live in.

  4. Upthereds, clearly there has been a big increase in the numbers of black families in Thurrock in recent years and it has obviously not gone down too well in some quarters. However, there has also been a big increase in the number of houses in Thurrock too (chafford Hundred particularly) so, statistically speaking, the number of black families coming in is no greater than would be expected. Also, it is totally wrong to blame those families for the Labour Party assuming they are their core voters and going overboard trying to woo them. I am sure that not all black people vote Labour.

  5. gray64 according to the Labour party there were no relaxation of the criteria allowing foreign nationals from outside the EU to come to this country. According to the Labour party the number of African and Asian immigrants is exaggerated. According to the Labour party the majority of people living in London would still claim to be white British. There are a large number of London Boroughs who claim to not know the ethnicity mix of the people that live within their boundaries, mainly Labour run Borough’s. There are also Housing associations who are loathed to publish figures about the ethnic mix of their tenants. So according to the Labour party we should not have seen the number of black and asian people moving into Thurrock that we have because mass immigration was a myth made up by the Tories and racists.

    Which do you believe gray64. If you believe the Labour party then what you see before you is a mythical dreamland. The reasons behind the extra housing are well known and are the same reasons behind the huge increase in public sector jobs. Mass immigration was a deliberate Labour policy and had to be catered for. Did they ask the British public whether they wanted it? We know the answer to that. I find it apprehensible that the Labour party now sends out it’s foot soldiers to drum up support from people that have lived in this country for 5 minutes and could be used to decide the outcome of an election of a government of this country. Whether they succeed or not is another matter. The fact is that is exactly what they are trying to do.

  6. Thats true about the housing although I cannot understand why most of the families are Nigerian, thats what confuses me. Houses are also much cheaper in Thurrock than many parts of East London which naturally brings in more people of all races.
    Labour seem to pander to whichever minority is growing, once a bigger minority comes along they drop the old one. They are worried that if they do not secure the African vote here they may lose the area for good.
    Not all black people vote Labour and most of the English Caribbean community are just as annoyed about Immigration as White English folk

  7. Upthereds, I think we may be confusing two issues here. Do I think that the ethnic mix in Thurrock is especially unusual? No. For the reasons I said before, I don’t think we are seeing anything more than the mix you would expect given the housing that’s available. However, do I think that immigration has got out of hand? Yes I do and Labour are to blame for that and they should be vilified for trying to hide the fact and for branding people racists for trying to talk about it. You should also be a little careful when you single out black and Asian people, there are just as many eastern Europeans in Thurrock now although I suppose they don’t seem as obvious.

    I don’t think it is fair to criticise the immigrants themselves for taking advantage of what was, after all, a spankingly good offer from the Government of the UK. Rather you should focus on the idiotic Government policy that led to them coming in large numbers in the first place. I believe that immigration has been (and hat tip to Ed Balls for this one) Too much and too fast and it is that which has caused the tensions we are seeing now and not the people that came.

  8. The latest think tank idea of asking older people to downsize so as to release larger properties just goes to show that we no longer have the required space available for the people already living in this country.

    Maybe we should control our immigration the same way as they do in Australia and numerous other countries, if you do not have a job available, money to live off or a sponsor that will take care of your requirements then sorry but there is no place for you, the Labour mass immigration has had a knock on effect to the health system and economy which cannot be maintained, I am including all the European economic migrations as well as those from other non-EU countries.

    I am all for immigration when we have a skills shortage but that is no longer the case and we cannot maintain the costs of immigration in this country for much longer.

  9. grat64 immigration has caused a shortage of housing in this country not seen since the end of the second world war. Regardless of whether you would expect to see the ethnic mix according to available housing the fact remains the Labour party lied about immigration and if their view were the presiding view I would not expect to see the numbers of immigrants in Thurrock that we do because,according to the Labour party, they simply do not exist. Because of this non existant immigration my own children will probably never be able to afford to buy their own home because Labours mass immigration policy has almost guaranteed that demand for housing will almost inevitably outsrip demand for decades to come and make housing unaffordable for the majority of young people today. My point about social housing is that large numbers of immigrants have used this to their advantage to buy or rent housing outside of London because, whether people care to believe it or not, large numbers of immigrants were and are housed in social housing from the moment they arrive in this country. The reason being is that this was a cheaper option to councils in London that housing them in the private sector.

    I will also say that the last government did not ask the people of this country whether it was ok to to flood this country with immigrants but I am willing to do a deal with them personally and maybe they could offer everyone else the same deal. They pay me back every penny I have paid in direct taxation and I’ll start on the same footing as every other immigrant that has come into this country and take my chances. If a government is going to take my money to spend on pet priojects that I object to then I think I should be given the option to not take part in that and not back it with my hard earned cash.

    We are supposed to live in a democracy governed by our representatives to represent the majority view of the British people. That has in now way happened. What has happened is that we have had successive governments governing for themselves and their own views of what society should be. I think the majority of the British public would agree with me and I think we are all due a refund.

    With regard to eastern europeans, if the majority were given their way and we had a choice over our links with Europe then they would probably leave because they wouldn’t automatically have the right to work and live here. As I have said, I dont see it as the job of our representatives to look after the well being of the rest of the world. They are here to put our interests first. Unemployment would be cut at a stroke.

  10. “I dont see it as the job of our representatives to look after the well being of the rest of the world. They are here to put our interests first.”

    Exactly. Thats what I always say, look after your own first then if you can help others do so.


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