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Residents warned over contaminating bins

THURROCK Council is asking residents to take care what they put in their recycling bins.

A year or so ago, the council had to issue a ban on putting plastic bags in the blue recycling bin because too many loads were being contaminated wit idden food waste.

Since then things hav improved considerably, but in recent weeks contamination has become an issue again – this time including medical waste.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, Thurrock Council’s environment portfolio holder, said: “We are delighted to report that our recycling rate is getting toward the 50 per cent mark and we would like that figure to keep going up.

“We want to thank all the residents that are working to improve the recycling rate and take this opportunity to remind them of what can and cannot go in their blue bins.”

She added: “Unfortunately we have been told there are still some items being put into the blue bins that stop the reprocessing plant in its tracks.

“Some people are still putting in plastic film and carrier bags and some people are still putting food waste in the blue bin, when all they have to do is wrap the food waste in newspaper and place it in their brown bin.

“Syringes and needles are also being put in the blue bin – the disposal of medical waste in this way is a cause for concern, residents should contact their local chemist or their GP for advice on safe disposal of such items and definitely not put them in their recycling bin.”

She said: “Medical waste is an obvious no-no, but any contamination of the dry recycling leads to the refusal of an entire load, not just one bin. This costs the council money, it costs council tax-payers money, and it adds to the amount of rubbish being put in landfill.

“Please think before you throw away.”

In blue bins: Yes please

Paper (newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, phone directories, catalogues)


Metal food and drinks cans


Glass bottles and jars (no other types of glass)

Plastic bottles

Plastic food trays, yoghurt pots

Please note: Recycling should be put direct into your bin loose and NOT in bags.


  1. Ed: what is this “wit idden food waste.” is that some kind of Essex speak where we drop the aithces 🙂

    Whilst on the subject of waste bins, what are the chances of the binmen (or women) of actually putting the bins back from where they got them from? on several occasions I have to retrieve them from about 5 doors away…..


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