Thurrock MP set to defy PM Cameron over Europe

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price is one of a number of Tory MP’s who is set to defy the prime minister David Cameron over a referendum on Europe.

The prime minister opposes a public vote on Britain’s EU membership. He has imposed a three-line whip – the strongest order a party can give – on Conservative MPs, meaning that any who vote against the government will be expected to resign from government jobs.

Over seventy Tory MP’s are expected to defy the prime minister. The vote which will be debated this afternoon and voted on at 10pm tonight.

Some Tory MP’s have claimed that there postbag has been full of concerns regarding Europe.

In Thurrock, UKIP’s candidate for the last general election, Clive Broad says it is still a key issue among people he meets.

Clive said: “A lot of people stop me on the street and talk about it. Our get out of europe van still gets loads of thumbs up.”

Over 25 labour activists were out and about on the streets of Ockendon yesterday. But according to them, it wasn’t an issue at the forefront of people’s minds.

Councillor Oliver Gerrish said: “We were in Brandon Groves yesterday and people expressed their concerns about national issues such as care for the elderly, the NHS and local issues such as gritting.”

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