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Tory councillor takes a lead on dogs

THURROCK councillors unanimously supported a plea from Cllr Amanda Arnold to look into ways of dealing with uncontrolled dogs in the borough.

At Wednesday (19 October) evening’s meeting of the council, Cllr Arnold proposed: “Council requests that overview and scrutiny undertake a borough wide review to look at how Thurrock can develop such a strategy in the most cost effective way possible.”

Speaking to the motion, she said: “While the majority of dog owners are responsible, my ward and others have a rowing issue over the last 18 months with dogs and where they should or should not be allowed off the lead – and where they should and should not be allowed, full stop.

“It needs to be resolved,” she said.

Cllr Arnold said the council currently only targeted dog fouling, while it could look at dog exclusion zones, dogs on leads orders, and “dogs specified maximum orders”.

She said: “There will potentially be generic orders that can be made, such as excluding all dogs from fenced-off play areas or cemeteries, but there is wider work to be done.

“The use of dog control orders requires statutory consultation, which is expensive, and it makes sense to take a borough-wide approach rather than deal with areas on a piecemeal basis.”

Members of the council supported the proposal unanimously.


  1. I am a dog owner myself, and I have seen dogs fouling on paths and in childrens play areas, some owners are very good at picking up their dogs mess, but others just leave it and walk away, I would like to see the return of the mobile dog warden, who could give out instant fines etc, to these mindless idiots, one other animal that disappears under the radar is the CAT, the people that own cats dont know where they go, when they are let out at night, they roam everywhere, and also leave there mess in our gardens, which we have to pick up, also they kill wild birds and small mice etc, and then leave them where they have killed them, so if we are going to tackle, the so called problem of dogs, then cat owners should also be bought to account for there animals, cats spread much more diseases than dogs, because they kill Rats and Mice which carry deadly diseases, so I wish cllr.A.Arnold every success with this red herring..


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