Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Jackie Doyle Price is unavailable for comment

FOR YOUR information, we have been informed by the Thurrock MP that we have been removed from her mailing list and will not be invited to any press calls and she will not respond to any requests for a statement/comment.

Such is life. We understand that there were a number of articles that the Thurrock MP wasn’t happy with as well as the comment sections of the site.

We concede that the deluge of comments surrounding a number of issues was a learning curve for us and yes, learning curve means (without prejudice) making mistakes.

We concede that we are learning all the time. The nature of an on-line newspaper is a relatively new concept but it is here (fingers crossed) to stay.

So, we will continue to print Ms Doyle-Price’s speeches from the floor of the House of Commons and will welcome her back any time.


  1. What happened to democracy and accountability. I wonder if Ms Doyle-Price’s stance will remain the same come election time…………

  2. Can someone remind me of the negative stories that have been on YT about JPD? I can’t really remember any, and looking back through the Politics Heading for Jackie doesn’t provide anything that would lead me to believe that YT have been particularly critical of her.
    If anything, the un-edited posting of press releases by the Conservatives on this site under ‘news’ might lead some people to think that YT is biased in favour of the Conservatives; however, having read the posts by many of the others who contribute their views I know they would argue differently.

  3. As her comment is always the government line anyway, cut out the middle woman and just print the Downing Street press releases.

  4. How stupid of JDP to cut ties with YT, surely the freedom of the press is what we all want and for her to just cut YT out like that is plain stupid, it makes her appear to be hiding something or is not open to debating her points.

    Politicians are accountable for evertything they do and they decide to take up the positions knowing full well that they will be in the public eye and will be scrutinised on everything they say, well JDP if you can’t stand the heat maybe it is time to pursue an alternative career

  5. She’s just done more damage to her hopes of re-election than going against what she said as part of her election pledges last year. She’s obviously far too precious to be an MP. Someone pass her the tissues.

  6. This woman obviously thinks she doesn’t have to comment to the people of Thurrock through the media or possibly she feels uncomfortable with the articles on YT about her colleges but everyone is answerable no matter what position they hold. I feel more people would respect this woman for talking to the press it shows she is only human after all this will only cause Damage to her hopes of re-election next year. All political parties face awful press Miss Price get over it.


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