Friday, February 23, 2024

Happy 21st Birthday Lakeside!

WE ARE GLAD we stood next to Yellow Advertiser snapper Martin Doulton at the press call as he was able to tell us all about the launch of Lakeside as he was there.

It was opened by princess Alexandria back in 1990. Many thought that the idea of the american style mall would never catch on.

Twenty one years on, CBBC’s Alex Winters hosts a number of special childrens’ parties in the central atrium as part of the celebrations.

YT spoke to the ebullient general manager, Paul Lancaster who spoke about the history of the centre, giving a fascinating insight to the past, present and future of a place that has become woven into the tapestry of Thurrock life and retail history.

And as we saw for their plans for the future expansion, the future looks bright!


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