Thursday, December 7, 2023

Budget — Let’s Talk

LOCAL people are being asked to comment on Thurrock Council’s latest budget proposals — for the 2012-2013 financial year.

Cllr John Kent, Leader of the Council, said at last week’s special cabinet meeting: “In all, these proposals involve taking around £7 million out of our budget – to be able to do that without overly affecting the front-line not only highlights our determination to keep services as effective and efficient as possible, but also the amount of work that has gone into this.”

He also said the detailed budget should be put before overview and scrutiny committees and a Let’s Talk public consultation.

That launched earlier this week. Thurrock’s Budget — Let’s Talk, is available on the front page of the council’s website ( All the proposals put to cabinet are available for people to vote and comment on.

Cllr Kent said: “In last year’s consultation local people were asked to put forward their own ideas and vote on them, along with many proposals suggested by the council.

“Many of those ideas were incorporated in the current budget, others have been put into the planned 2012/2013 budget, which we are consulting on now, and more still are now being looked at for future savings.”

He added: “Although we are not specifically asking for new ideas this year – we are providing an opportunity for you to make comments and suggestions and we are, in fact, always on the lookout from new ideas on how to save money and improve services.

“All the voting and all the comments will be provided for councillors to look over before they make any final decisions.

“All the proposals suggested here will also go before the appropriate council overview and scrutiny committees for comment too.

“I am asking local people to look over the proposals via the links and after that you can vote on the proposals by viewing them and selecting either the Like this idea, or the Dislike this idea buttons.

“Then, if you want to make a comment, you can do just that clicking on the email link.”

He said: “I would like to emphasise that this is not set in stone. We will listen to overview and scrutiny and we will listen to what people say in the public consultation.”


  1. I agree with Lambo, but if we don’t bother to respond and vote and comment. They will do as they think fit because of our apathy.


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