“Civil war” looms for Thurrock Labour as Mackinlay issues statement over non-selection.

A LITTLE LOCAL difficulty or all out civil war? Either way, the selection battle for the next Labour parliamentary candidate looks like getting rough.

Sarah Mackinlay, the daughter of former Thurrock MP, Andrew Mackinlay, has expressed her disappointment at not making the final run off to decide who will be the prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock at the next election.

The final vote on December 3rd is between Ed Miliband’s special advisor Polly Billington and Irish rights worker Anne Marie Waters.

Ms Mackinlay said: “I am very disappointed that my name has been excluded from the ballot paper and that the choice for Labour Party members in Thurrock has been seriously restricted. That I have to accept.

“I am, however, heartened in the knowledge that included in the ballot is Anne Marie Waters, who is a dogged fighter and most importantly she is fearless and independent, in the tradition of my father, Andrew MacKinlay.”

The apparent endorsement of Miss Waters and the reference to her as “independent” has been interpreted by some as a reference to Polly Billington’s position as a special advisor to Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Some feel that there are many Labour members who are unhappy with Ms Billington being “imposed” upon them and that may be reflected in the vote.

Whilst others believe that Kent-based Ms Mackinlay’s “underwhelming” performance in front of the selection committee last Saturday that they left them no choice but to only select two candidates.

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