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Stifford Clays councillors petition First Essex Buses

LOCAL councillors Angie Gaywood and Diana Hale are calling on residents to sign their petition to First Essex Buses following the withdrawal of the 200 service in Stifford Clays

Cllr Angie Gaywood said: “The 200 bus service in Stifford Clays provided a straight through service to Orsett then Basildon. First Essex gave us very short notice that they were withdrawing this service and re-routing this in favour of a more commercially viable route. This effectively means our residents have no through service to Basildon. We have many elderly residents that relied on this service to attend hospital appointments and additionally residents who used this service to get to work. We have already written to First Essex but feel that a petition may show them how many residents have been affected and persuade them to think again.”

Diana Hale said:” Our residents now have to change buses at Sockets Heath by crossing the road at the traffic lights. They are often left stranded because of the high volume of traffic, changing lights and then their connecting bus not waiting for them”.

The petition was launched at the recent Stifford Community Forum. Residents can sign the petition at Headon Hall, Harty Close and Stifford Clays Infant and Junior Schools.

As well as the petition, the two Councillors have requested that First Essex attend the forthcoming Bus Users Group to be held at the Civic Offices next Wednesday 23rd November at 3pm, where the petition will also be available to sign.

All residents are welcome to attend.


  1. As a user of the 200, I think it’s unlikely that First will reverse their decision as the change has been very successful. Beforehand the bus was often underused and now it packed as it now caters for Palmers College students.

  2. Unfortunately, the reason First 200 buses stopped running in Stifford Clays was because Ensign buses no22 started a ‘bus war’ with First and eventually First had to give in. So you can blame them. I wish First hadnt because from a residents perspective Ensign use double deckers- which are never fully used and are extremely noisy.


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