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Local Conservative Councillors call a halt to ‘wrong-headed’ decision over Devonshire Road.

CHAFFORD Hundred councillors Garry Hague, Tunde Ojetola and Simon Wootton have taken the decision to call-in Thurrock Council’s Cabinet Decision on lifting the 7.5 tonne weight limit on Devonshire Road because of a number of concerns ranging from environmental impact and safety to cost.

The Chafford councillors said: “In view of the lack of consultation as promised with ward members, lack of consultation with members of the public, as set out within the Council’s constitution, incompleteness of the Cabinet Report on which the decision was made, and the lack of financial clarity, call in of the Cabinet decision is warranted”.

Cllr. Hague commented, “Residents who live adjacent to, or overlook, Devonshire Road, bought their properties with the knowledge that a weight restriction was in force on Devonshire Road to restrict HGV traffic. Quite understandably they have very serious concerns over the potential safety and environmental impacts if the decision to remove this limit is implemented.”

Cllr. Ojetola added, “Local residents are rightly concerned when any works are to be carried out on local roads and they are right to want to be consulted. Cllr Steve Veryard and I have done our best to furnish them with the facts and to ensure that we make their views known, but we have not been provided with up-to-date reports by the Labour administration and so have been unable to consult properly with the people we represent. This is not a happy state of affairs and we cannot let this decision stand without putting up a fight”.

Cllr. Wootton remarked, “This decision is wrong on many levels. Lack of public consultation and appropriate scrutiny, lack of a properly costed proposal in a time when budgets are under severe pressures, inaccurate Cabinet reports, and commitments not kept. If the administration thought that this decision would simply be waved through then they’ve made yet another mistake to add to the list. I hope that we can use this call-in process to get them to reconsider”.

The councillors are asking for the following;

That the Cabinet reconsider the grounds upon which they formed their original view and defer making a decision until a proper consultation process has been undertaken and all relevant Ward members have been given adequate time to consult with local residents, and all mitigation measures have been properly costed and evaluated as part of a comprehensive scheme for dealing with local transport problems, rather than as a stand alone issue focussing solely on Devonshire Road.

Their position can be summarised as follows; “What we want is a fair, sensible and properly costed decision that is made following proper input from local residents and with all relevant factors taken into account”.


  1. Its not going to cost much to move a few weight limit signs about,recycle the ones on devonshire road and use them on London road from mill lane to harris’ roundabout.These conservatives are clutching at straws,they know the weight limit should never have been put on devonshire road in the first place.a few nimbys on devonshire road had their views put in front of hundreds and hundreds of people that live along London road,its shows these so called conservatives truly are the selfish party.

  2. All of the politicians are point scoring! And doing what they have been elected to do at the same time.

    The question I have was the restrictions put up before or after properties were built, if after then planning consent would be needed to remove restrictions.

    If there is point scoring to remove without consultation then this is wrong.

  3. I totally agree with rocket1 about putting a weight limit on London road. The Devonshire road weight limit was pushed through by Gary Hauge, when he was leader of the council, and is (in my opinion) one of the most ridiculous things a Conservative council has ever done.

    I do not blame Gary personally – as Chafford councillor he wanted what was best for his residents, which is what councillors are elected for. It is regrettable that none of his Tory colleagues stood up to him and stood up for the thousands of families living on or just off London Road.

    My Labour opponent this year, Cllr. Holloway, made a big play on standing up for residents, and standing up to the Tories, on wanting to lift the weight limit on Devonshire road. She had a great deal of success with this strategy, and rightly so. Why is she not jumping up and down making a big fuss of this?

  4. This weight limit has been in place before most of the houses on Chafford were built. The fact that there was no consultation is an absolute outrage but, having said that, cabinet is bound by any of the arguments put forward within the consultation anyway. Consulting with the public is a tick box exercise and, Labour wont listen to any of the arguments. Their voters want it removed.

  5. in answer to ROBF4,the weight limit was put in long after the houses were built,first these tories put up bogus illegal 3.5 ton weight limit signs,then when that was rumbled they held an inquiry that said a weight limit should be put on devonshire rd in conjunction with an alternative route avoiding london rd,they quickly put up the weight limit signs on devonshire rd but swept the alternative route part of the findings under the carpet.

  6. Based on these facts, i would say there is a case for a public enquiry.

    I’m not going to excuse what has happened in the past. However, i see the current authority need not repeat the errors of the past.

    We should look at all options, this would include the increased traffic and the routes out handling this. If they open devonshire road, then i think they should look at the traffic lights on the roundabout near the tricle mine being removed to increase traffic flow.

  7. i think Ben Gadsby would have won the election in south stifford ward if it had not been for the devonshire rd issue,then labour would never have got control of the council,gary hagues selfishness has cost his party dearly.


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