Council meeting cancelled as Tories claim Labour “cowing to union pressure.”

THURROCK Conservatives have condemned to decision to postpone the full council meeting scheduled for 30th November because of strike action by public sector trades unions.

Conservative Leader Phil Anderson said: “We are very disappointed at this decision. Postponing the full council meeting is totally unnecessary, and gives the impression that Thurrock’s Labour administration effectively supports the strike action being taken by its own employees. Councillors book the dates of these meetings months in advance, and numbers may well be down as a result. This looks bad for local democracy and makes it seem like we are caving in to pressure from big union bosses with their own political agendas.

The reasons given for the postponement are “to ensure that adequate administration and support arrangements can be guaranteed”. This seems pretty limp to me. If the House of Commons can sit on Wednesday I am sure that Thurrock could manage to put on a council meeting.

If Labour members wanted to show their support for the strike, they should simply have had the courage of their convictions and not turned up on Wednesday. Local people and businesses are already going to be seriously affected by this action, and by symbolically postponing a key council meeting Labour are making it very clear whose side they are on.”

The meeting will take place on Thursday Dec 1st at 7pm.

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