Friday, December 8, 2023

Polly’s “Doorstep challenge” as Labour selection day looms

POTENTIAL Labour candidate for Thurrock Polly Billington has committed 
herself to try to meet every single member of Thurrock Labour Party eligible to vote before the meeting on Saturday when they choose who will stand for Parliament for Labour in Thurrock at the next General Election.

”I’ve nearly reached everyone and people are being very positive.” says Polly, “I think it’s important to meet everyone face to face if I can before the meeting. Choosing a parliamentary candidate is a big decision that members get to make on Saturday.

“I’ve been enjoying being out on the doorstep with councillors and activists, meeting voters, talking to them about the need to get the economy moving again. Community campaigners, business people, students and pensioners are all worried about what the future holds and want better jobs, homes and educational opportunities for everyone in Thurrock.  Labour members are a very wise group of people with strong values and decades of campaigning experience who put Thurrock first. If I win I will do the same.

“Thurrock is really suffering from this Tory-led government and that’s why we need to start fighting back now; every time the local Tory MP votes for the government she votes against the people of Thurrock. If I am the candidate here, Labour will be taking the fight to the Tories every day; especially when it comes to the economy. Here in Thurrock we see the impact of a flatlining economy week in, week out. 

It’s no wonder people fear for the future with a risk of recession and people losing their jobs. Thurrock needs to be at the heart of a strong economy and our community should be reaping the rewards of hard work.

That’s what I’ll be campaigning for if Labour members choose me as their future MP on Saturday.”


  1. “Thurrock needs to be at the heart of a strong economy and our community should be reaping the rewards of hard work”

    Bit of a shame Polly that your party did not use the same thoughts about the whole country whilst they were in power rather than frittering away the monetary reserves of the UK, Labour have continued to close their ears to local people and will carry on doing so, they once stood for the local working class famiily now they could not care less about them.

  2. I agrre with those sentiments. Polly place thing and Labour care nothing for the people of Thurrock. They love Thurrock just so long as they can stuff it with loads of Labours lovely immigrants in the hope they’ll once again turn Thurrock into a Labour safe seat. They wanted the Tories in Westminster sent to the tower for this sort of thing back in the 80’s.


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