Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Council leader not impressed by chancellor’s 50% reductions in river crossings….in Hull!

COUNCIL LEADER, cllr John Kent poured scorn on the chancellor George Osborne’s plans to reduce river crossing tolls by 50% in a number of places except Thurrock.

At last nights (Thursday) meeting of the full council, cllr Kent said: “It makes no sense to halve to halve tolls in one place and increase them by two-thirds here.

“It is clearly not fair and it is clearly not right.

“If the roads minister still insists that price rises are only to be delayed, well we need to be told why that is?”


  1. The tolls are not fair, full stop, however whilst Mr Kent sits in his ivory tower jumping on every bandwaggon that rolls by he must ask the question why his own party did absolutley nothing to get these tolls reduced/removed whilst they were in office??? short memory perhaps Mr Kent??


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