Wednesday, May 22, 2024

“Locking parks a false economy” says Homesteads councillor

A SENIOR Conservative councillor told the council last night (Thursday) that leaving parks open was proving to be a false economy.

Homesteads councillor, Sue MacPherson presented a petition signed by a hundred residents after numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour in Balstonia Park.

Cllr McPherson said: “Since the parks have been left open we have seen an incremental rise in anti-social behaviour in the park.

“It is becoming a no-go area for the families and young children in the area.

“We really feel that the council should think again. With the costs of cleaning and sweeping up, this is nothing more than a false economy.”


  1. I did question the councils logic over the decision to stop the locking of the parks on an evening, I use Grays Park on a regular basis and some morning the place is so full of litter, all credit to the park keeper who does clear the mess up but this would not be required that much if the park was locked on an evening.


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