Conservative motion regretting ‘inconvenience’ caused by public sector strikes passed by council.

THURROCK TORIES had a motion condemning the strike action in Thurrock and across the nation passed.

Thurrock Council moved the November 30th council meeting to December 1st to avoid clashing with the public-sector strikes.

The Council has voted ‘not to endorse’ the strike action and ‘regret the inconvenience caused to Thurrock’s residents, including the movement of the Council meeting’.

Cllr Danny Nicklen introduced the motion and criticised the timing of the strikes.

Cllr Nicklen said: ”As I said during the meeting, “… to hold a day of strike action during those negotiations was unhelpful and reckless on the part of trade unions” and I am glad that the Council recognised this.

“It was telling that the Labour Group were unable to persuade all their councillors to vote against the motion and I believe this shows that there are at least some in the Labour party who recognise that these strikes were the wrong response at the wrong time, and that the decision to postpone the council meeting was the wrong call.

“These strikes were instigated by a minority of militant trade unionists who didn’t have the full support of their possible franchise. The level of disruption caused by the votes of a minority of trade unionists to millions of ordinary people was unacceptable”.

“The Conservative Group hope that an agreement can be reached on the issue of public sector pensions and that Thurrock’s residents and businesses are not further inconvenienced by further strike action.”

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