Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Labour leader demands MP to come clean on Thames Crossing

CLLR John Kent, Leader of Thurrock Council says he is concerned about comments made by Thurrock’s Tory MP – fearful she is backtracking on her commitments on the proposed new Thames crossing.

“In statements made last week she says she doesn’t want new infrastructure or further damage to our green belt, but her government – in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement – wants to progress with one of their three favoured options which all go through our borough.

“What is worse, in the short term at least, is her failure to comment at all on the situation surrounding the tolls.

“Her government seems happy to write off £150 million of debt and slash Humber river crossing charges by half. Yet we are still facing an increase in charges of 66% to use the Dartford crossing and appear to be no closer to a date for the promised free flow tolling.

“Every resident of Thurrock knows that by removing the tolls will improve traffic flows on both sides of the Thames.

“I am worried that while our MP says she supports a new crossing between Purfleet and central London, she does not specifically say no new crossing anywhere in Thurrock and nor does she make any mention of toll charges and their future.

“I really fear that Jackie Doyle – Price is backtracking on her previous opposition to a new crossing anywhere in Thurrock. We need to clearly understand where she stands on these issues; 66% increase in tolls or no increase in tolls; toll gates or free-flow; crossing or no new crossing.

“I hope that Jackie is standing up for Thurrock – no matter how unpopular that may make her with her own government.”

Jackie Doyle Price is unavailable for comment.



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