Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Vandals winning the graffiti battle in South Ockendon

THURROCK Council, local councillors and local police officers are working together to target graffiti vandals in South Ockendon.

The council have arranged for several bridges and underpasses to have murals painted on them in an effort to stop vandals spray painting “tags” and other unauthorised graffiti on them.

In most cases the scheme has been successful, but not in Ockendon where the mural on the “zig-zag bridge” over the railway line at Tamarisk Road has been constantly tagged and had obscene graffiti plastered over it.

Despite the hard work of the Youth Probation service who go and clean the bridge once a month, residents are being subjected to obscene graphic images everyday.

Local councillor, Amanda Arnold, said: “Last week we met the South Ockendon Inspector Anna Brennan to discuss the problem.

“The police are increasing patrols in the area and we will be asking local schools whether they recognise the tags.

“We would encourage residents to help us stop the mural being damaged by telling the police if they see anyone tagging the bridge or know of anyone who has done so — it’s criminal damage.

“This kind of low level crime drags down the area, it’s a shame to see something done by volunteers to improve our community being spoilt by a mindless minority.”


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