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West Tilbury WI: December Report

WEST Tilbury held an old fashioned Christmas party this month. President Gill Morris and Niki Nunn provided the entertainment and with help from the members in providing the buffet.

Sadie Roovies and her daughter Madison sang songs from the shows and Christmas carols. Madison is awaiting the outcome from an audition for The Sound of Music musical and is also an entrant for BBC’s Got Talent so the singing was wonderful.

There were games such as pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, which caused much laughter. This very enjoyable evening ended with a visit from Father Christmas who gave everyone a present.

The Linford WI ladies joined with our members to visit Hyde Hall to see the Christmas trees with hand made recycled decorationthey had to battle high winds, despite this the trees looked very colourful, there was a meal to follow and it was very informative to speak with other WI members from Stock who were also enjoying their day out.

Next meeting will be on January 3rd 2012 at 7pm at West Tilbury Village Hall

Speaker: Ian Kirby: Olympics History and Future


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