Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Take care on Thurrock roads warns ambulance service

THE bad weather conditions overnight have created hazardous driving conditions across the region, and with continuing snow showers expected in some parts of the east of England.

Motorists are praised for using common sense and although there is a steady number of RTCs, the numbers are not unusual and the service hopes that it remains that way.

Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson said: “Clearly people are heeding the advice that the police, ourselves and motoring organisations are giving out to take extra care and only to make journeys that are absolutely necessary.

“While the snowy conditions continue to present a hazard, particularly on smaller roads and side streets, motorists should remain particularly careful.”

Drivers should remember braking distances and be aware when emergency vehicles are approaching on blue lights; consider your driving speed to avoid sudden braking, and move safely out of the way of emergency vehicles. Gary continued: “The public should wear appropriate footwear whilst out in icy and snowy conditions to avoid injury, and only making necessary journeys by road.

“We rely on the public’s good sense to use the 999 service wisely. If you need advice but don’t have a serious or life threatening condition, consider the other options available to you such as calling NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or contacting your local GP or pharmacist.”


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